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Blue Porcelain Pommegranet

Image of Blue Porcelain Pommegranet


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This listing is for ONE porcelain "Pommegranet" which is the largest of the ones pictured above.

It is wheel thrown, hand decorated and glazed with my beautiful Velvet Purpleā„¢ glaze, a bright cobalt blue-purple almost magenta, that breaks up into little turquoise spots. It is my own creation and I have been known for it for many years first in my homeland of Greece where it reflects the color of the Aegean Sea and now in the U.S. through many shows and galleries.

I started making these in the early 90'ies in Greece as decorative. You could use it if you like as a paper-weight or for an incense stick, or a dried flower bud-vase if you like, but my intension was so that one would only look at it, and dream about Summer and everything that brings with it!

It measures 4.5" wide, by 4" high.

Inspired by my mom's Pommegranet tree in our summer house in Greece, with hundreds of real fruit hanging from it!